CAU Kiel

Aristotle: Metaphysics, Books VII–XII (Summer 2021)

Anselm of Canterbury: Dialogues on Truth and Freedom (Summer 2021)

Aristotle: Metaphysics, Books I–VI (Winter 2020/21)

Thomas Aquinas on Acting Well (Winter 2020/21)

Aristotle: Humans as Rational and Social Beings (Summer 2020)

Plato: Dialogues on Love, Pleasure, and Friendship (Summer 2020)

University of Regensburg

Moral Epistemology (Winter 2018/19)

Modern Virtue Ethics: Alasdair MacIntyre (Summer 2018)

Adam Smith: The Theory of Moral Sentiments (Winter 2017/18)

F. W. J. Schelling: Philosophical Investigations into the Essence of Human Freedom (Summer 2017)

H. L. A. Hart: The Concept of Law (Summer 2017)

Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics (Winter 2016/17)

University of Leipzig

Aristotle: Politics (Summer 2013, co-taught with Christian Kietzmann)

Natural Law Ethics (Winter 2012/13)

Aristotle on Knowledge (Summer 2012, co-taught with Peter Wiersbinski)

Franz Brentano: On the Several Senses of Being in Aristotle (Winter 2011/12)

Aristotle’s Social Philosophy (Summer 2011)

Rational Argumentation (tutorial, Summer 2007)